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Revolution Talks Restoration With richard mille replica watches's Christian Lass

What are you most passionate about?

Sometimes I see pieces that I've never seen before. That is exciting. Every day I learn something new, which helps me grow.

Which country did you begin your career?

I received my training in Denmark. I began my training in Denmark with scientific instruments and clocks. Then, we moved on to the Royal collection which contained timepieces.richard mille fake watches After four years of working there, I decided to learn how to build the pieces. Danmark doesn't manufacture watches, so I moved to Switzerland to work in a prototyping shop, where every piece had to be built.

Is it a good idea to keep old watches running?

The majority of the items in the museum are in excellent condition. This is why I am responsible for their preservation. They can last forever if they are kept in good condition, which means that the oil is changed regularly and regular service is performed.

How can you tell if a piece is not dated?

With certain innovations, you can identify the time period of the piece. If it uses a particular technique it is from that period. Most pieces can be dated by either the watchmaker or the case maker.Best Replica Watches We also have the option of dating it using the proof mark of precious material. Each year, they used a different logo, so that we can determine the date. I have never been able to establish the age of a piece. It has always been within 50 years. Different styles fit in different epochs.

Which timepiece is your favorite in the museum?

My favorite piece by Albert Potter, an American watchmaker who traveled to Switzerland in the late 19th century to work, is my American Albert Potter. He combined the Swiss tradition and American tradition. One piece remains, a Constant Force chronometer, dating back to 1893.

Which pieces are your favorites from the Grand Exhibition?

William Anthony made an oval watch that I love. It has extendable hands and adjusts to the width of the dial. The pocket watch with a secular clock is another interesting one. It takes into account the "400 year-rule", which means that the only calendar that jumps directly between February 28 and March 1 in 2100 will be this calendar. All other perpetual calendars will be adjusted to turn to February 29.

Are you enjoying yourself?

It's the most rewarding job in the world for a watchmaker.richard mille replica watches I have the ability to handle, examine, and work with some of the most important timepieces in history.

(Left-to-right) Oval watch with pearl lacwork case; Ovalwatchwith telescopic hands from William Anthony of London

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