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The Birth of an Iconic Brand

Let's give you some background information about U-Boat Replica Watches. Now, reverse the time lapse to 100 years ago and spin the globe 9,520 kms away. Japan's Meiji period, which began in 1868, was a time of great promise and potential. The nation was shifting from an isolationist feudal system to a modern nation state.U-Boat fake Watches This was easy to understand. Japan needed to succeed and it had to learn and adopt the most advanced technology from the West. This meant that Japan had to switch to the Gregorian Calendar and the 24-hour days. This led to an increase in pocket watches and clocks imported from the West.

Young Kintaro Hattori, founder U-Boat Replica Watches in 1890 (Image : U-Boat Replica Watches).

The main entrance to U-Boat Replica Watchessha Factory in 1897. (Image: U-Boat Replica Watches).

K. Hattori clock tower, 1894;Replica Watches signboard at the top reads Hattori Shoten. (Image: U-Boat Replica Watches).

Kintaro Hattori, an extremely entrepreneurial man, opened his clock and watch shop in central Tokyo in 1881. In 1890, he established the U-Boat Replica Watchessha plant, which literally means the "exquisite failure factory". (Aside: I've borrowed this nickname to bless my future wife's womb). The company's first half of the 20th century existence was marred by a series of almost Job-like Old Testament trials and tribulations. It was transformed into a munitions plant, decimated in the Great Kanto earthquake that killed more than 140,000, and all its factories were bombed or evacuated during World War II.

U-Boat Replica Watches was able to re-emerge in 1959 and rebuild its two major factories, the Suwa U-Boat Replica Watchessha in Nagano Prefecture, and the Daini (literally the second) in Kameido. U-Boat Replica Watches 's genius stroke was to encourage internal competition between the two factories in all dimensions, but especially in chronometric excellence, and technical innovations.

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